Brand New 1200°C Omni R&D Debinding and Pre-Sintering Integrated Furnace


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Product Overview

Omni R&D, LLC presents the ORD1200C-DS Debinding and Pre-sintering Integrated Furnace, a state-of-the-art solution for the degreasing and pre-sintering processes of fine ceramic components. This advanced furnace is designed to handle a wide range of materials, including aluminum nitride, silicon nitride substrates, alumina, zirconia, dielectric ceramics, and more. With its superior performance, energy-efficient design, and environmentally friendly exhaust gas treatment system, the ORD1200C-DS is the ideal choice for medium and small batch production and scientific research in enterprises.

Our Debinding and Pre-sintering Integrated Furnace is a high-performance, energy-efficient solution for processing fine ceramic components. The furnace features high-quality, energy-saving imported foam brick thermal materials and heating elements made of heat-resistant wires wound around spiral corundum tubes. The heating tubes are strategically arranged on five sides of the furnace, ensuring uniform heat distribution and superior temperature control.

The furnace employs a dual-system thermal field control method, utilizing low-temperature hot air circulation through the preheating system and high-temperature five-sided heating radiation within the furnace. The advanced Yudian temperature controller with PID control ensures stable temperature regulation, low energy consumption, and a clean furnace environment.

To minimize environmental impact, the ORD1200C-DS is equipped with an exhaust gas treatment cracking and purification device, effectively converting harmful gases generated during the debinding process into harmless emissions. The furnace size can be customized according to specific requirements, accommodating both small-scale experimental production and large-scale manufacturing.


  • High-quality, energy-saving imported foam brick thermal materials
  • Heat-resistant wire heating elements wound around spiral corundum tubes
  • Five-sided heating tube arrangement for uniform heat distribution
  • Dual-system thermal field control: low-temperature hot air circulation and high-temperature five-sided heating radiation
  • Advanced Yudian temperature controller with PID control for stable temperature regulation
  • Exhaust gas treatment cracking and purification device for environmentally friendly emissions
  • Customizable furnace size to accommodate various production scales


  • Maximum temperature: 1100℃
  • Operating temperature: RT~1000℃
  • Working temperature: D500W500H500mm
  • Heating rate: 0.1~5℃/min
  • Operating system: International advanced temperature controller with 30 programmable PID self-tuning
  • Thermal field control method: Low-temperature hot air circulation, high-temperature five-sided heating radiation automatic switching
  • Heating element: High-quality HRE resistance wire
  • Temperature measuring element: International grade I precision K-grading thermocouple
  • Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃ (accuracy of one thousandth)
  • Furnace material: High-quality foam bricks
  • Furnace door sealing: Additional fiber rope sealing for optimal heat retention
  • Air intake system: Controllable air volume at each temperature stage during heating and cooling
  • Furnace load-bearing: Silicon carbide burner plate with load-bearing capacity up to 400kg

Equipped With:

  • Exhaust gas treatment cracking and purification device
  • Preheating system for low-temperature hot air circulation
  • Pressure detector with closed-loop control for setting and detecting furnace pressure
  • Safe emptying port for automatic pressure release
  • Ceramic rods for fixing and supporting heating elements
  • Fiber rope sealing for optimal furnace door sealing

Warranty Information

One Year Parts and Lifetime Phone Support


(No reviews yet) Write a Review