Sublimation Purification

Sublimation Purification

Omni R&D offers advanced sublimation systems for high-precision deposition of organic materials like OLED small molecules, graphene, and carbon nanotubes. Their state-of-the-art sublimation furnaces feature precise temperature control with multi-zone heating, allowing programmed thermal profiles from ambient to over 1200°C.

The sublimators utilize high-purity alumina ceramic fiber chambers with resistance wire heating for excellent temperature uniformity and rapid ramp rates. Integrated vacuum systems with turbomolecular pumps achieve ultra-high vacuum levels below 10^-5 Pa for high-quality thin film growth.

Key features include programmable PID temperature controllers, mass flow controllers for vacuum/gas handling, and user-friendly touchscreen interfaces for automated process control. The modular designs allow easy integration from R&D pilot systems to mass production scale with various chamber sizes available.

Specialized options like cold traps, receiving trays, and customized sublimation tubes enable optimized materials deposition for applications such as OLED displays, transparent conductors, sensors, and other cutting-edge nanotechnologies. Omni R&D's sublimation equipment provides the precision and flexibility required for innovative materials research and product development.

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