Omni R&D offers a wide range of high temperature graphite vacuum furnaces designed for precise sintering, graphitization, and heat treatment of advanced carbon-based and ceramic materials. These state-of-the-art furnaces can reach extreme temperatures up to 3000°C under high vacuum or inert atmospheres.

The graphite vacuum furnaces feature all-graphite hot zones with graphite heating elements and insulation for excellent temperature uniformity and rapid heating/cooling cycles. Robust stainless steel furnace bodies with water-cooling support continuous operation at high temperatures. Integrated vacuum systems with diffusion and turbomolecular pumps enable high vacuum levels down to 10^-6 Torr range.

Key features include programmable temperature controllers with data logging, over-temperature protection, and precise PID control. Modular designs allow customization of chamber sizes, heating zones, gas handling capabilities and more to meet specific application requirements.

These high-performance graphite furnaces are ideal for carbon/ceramic composite materials, graphene production, lithium-ion battery anode processing, carbon fiber treatment, sintering of precision ceramics/refractories, and a wide range of materials research applications requiring an ultra-high temperature, controlled atmosphere environment.

Whether for academic R&D or pilot/production runs, Omni R&D's High Temperature Graphite Vacuum Furnaces deliver the temperature capabilities, precise process control, and flexibility to support innovative work in emerging fields like energy storage, aerospace, electronics and others driving advanced materials development.

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