Brand New 1200°C Omni R&D High Precision Roll-to-Roll Continuous Graphene Growth System


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75 Days

Product Overview

Omni R&D, LLC is proud to present the ORD1200RTR-III-80, a state-of-the-art Roll-to-Roll PECVD system designed for continuous graphene growth. This advanced material research equipment is ideal for both academic and industrial settings, offering precision material processing and high-quality graphene production. With its superior temperature control, gas flow management, and safety features, the ORDRTR-III-80 is a must-have for researchers and manufacturers in the field of graphene technology.

The ORD1200RTR-III-80 is a cutting-edge Roll-to-Roll PECVD system that enables the continuous growth of high-quality graphene. Equipped with an industrial computer control system, this advanced equipment automatically regulates furnace temperature, feeding and discharging, gas flow, and gate actions. The system utilizes imported key components to ensure high reliability and performance, while the process pipeline is composed of imported valves and pipe fittings, providing excellent airtightness, corrosion resistance, and pollution-free operation. The ORD1200RTR-III-80 features closed-loop automatic control of working pressure, high-precision temperature control, and safety protection functions, making it an ideal choice for both research and industrial applications.


  • Industrial computer control system for automatic regulation of furnace temperature, feeding and discharging, gas flow, and gate actions
  • Imported key components ensure high reliability and performance
  • Process pipeline composed of imported valves and pipe fittings for excellent airtightness, corrosion resistance, and pollution-free operation
  • Closed-loop automatic control of working pressure improves process stability and reliability
  • High-precision temperature control with good stability in the temperature zone
  • Power failure alarm, over-temperature alarm, and other safety protection functions
  • High-quality heating furnace body ensures high stability and long life of the constant temperature zone
  • Separate motor speed regulation for inlet and outlet parts, with copper foil drafting functions


  • Maximum temperature: 1200℃
  • Working temperature: ≤1100℃
  • Effective size of quartz tube: outer diameter Φ80mm
  • Furnace chamber material: alumina, high-temperature fiber products
  • Thermocouple type: K-type thermocouple (three points)
  • Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃, 30-segment programmable temperature control, PID temperature control program, three-segment temperature control (200+200+200mm)
  • Heating element: resistance wire
  • Length of heating zone: 200+200+200mm
  • Power supply: single-phase, 220V, 50HZ
  • External dimensions: length 2800mm * width 700 * height 1200mm

Equipped With:

  • PE radio frequency power supply for PECVD upgrade
  • High-quality mechanical pump with a cold state vacuum degree of 10-1pa
  • Comprehensive temperature control system with intelligent program temperature regulating instrument and PID control
  • Gas flow control system with mass flow controller for high control accuracy, stability, and gas adaptability

Warranty Information

One (1) Year Parts Warranty & Lifetime Support. Consumables are not covered under the warranty.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review