Brand New 16 Liter Omni R&D Atomizing Disinfection Robot


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Product Overview

Introducing the Omni R&D Atomizing Disinfection Robot – a cutting-edge solution engineered for comprehensive and efficient sanitization. This robot is expertly designed to combat pathogens in high-traffic and sensitive environments such as healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and corporate spaces. With its advanced atomizing technology, it offers a superior level of cleanliness, essential for maintaining public health and safety.

Key Features:

  • High-Efficiency Atomizers: For optimal dispersal of disinfectant solutions.
  • Autonomous Navigation System: Featuring laser-guided precision and environmental mapping.
  • Safety Compliance Sensors: To ensure operation only in designated areas.
  • Remote Operation Capability: Allowing for control from a safe distance via a dedicated app.
  • Multi-Surface Compatibility: Effective on various materials and surfaces.
  • EPA-Approved Disinfectant Compatibility: Adaptable to a range of sanitizing agents.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Maximizes disinfectant usage with minimal waste.
  • Supports APP control

Ideal for:

  • Healthcare Facilities: Ideal for hospitals, clinics, and other medical environments to maintain sterility.
  • Educational Institutions: Suitable for schools and universities to ensure a germ-free learning environment.
  • Corporate Offices: Perfect for maintaining hygiene in office spaces.
  • Hospitality Sector: Essential for hotels and restaurants to meet high standards of cleanliness.
  • Public Transport: Useful for disinfecting buses, trains, and stations.


  • Disinfection Capacity:  16 Liters
  • Atomization Efficiency: 2L -3L/H (adjustable)
  • External Size:  19.68" x 52.55"
  • Spray Diameter:  5-6 meters
  • Disinfection Coverage:  4000 ~ 5000m²
  • Two Disinfection Modes:  Timed and immediate modes
  • Disinfection Medium:  Hypochlorous acid, Chlorine dioxide, Hydrogen peroxide, Peroxyacetic acid, etc.
  • Spray Method:  Four-direction spray, large opening spray (Optional)
  • Moving Way:  Autonomous path planning and automatic navigation
  • Moving Speed:  0-1m/s
  • Safety System:  Lidar obstacle avoidance, power-off protection of disinfectant shortage
  • Power Comsumption:  150 Watts
  • Drive Method:  Differential drive
  • Ability to Cross Obstacles:  ±10 mm
  • Gradeability:  ≤8°
  • Driving Channel Width:  ≥27.55"
  • Noise:  ≤50 dB
  • Operating Time:  5 to 6 hours
  • Battery:  Lithium battery 28AH 24V, rechargeable 10,000 times!
  • Charging Time:  3 to 4 hurs
  • Power Configuration:  110V or 220V~ 60 Hz.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 25.5" x 25.5" x 30.3"
  • Weight:  145 lbs.


The Omni R&D Atomizing Disinfection Robot sets a new standard in automated sanitization, offering a blend of efficiency, precision, and safety. Its robust capabilities make it an invaluable asset for maintaining high hygiene standards in spaces where cleanliness is paramount.

Warranty Information

One (1) Year Parts Warranty & Lifetime Phone Suport


(No reviews yet) Write a Review